Our experts share their insights

#1 - Office Market Trends

If we had to make a comparison between then and now, it is certainly the way of considering the workplace that has evolved the most. Discover how and why with William Moulin, Head of Advisory & Transaction services.

#2 - The strategic role of Property Management

Today, more than ever, real estate is all about people, and providing a real added value directly impacting the users of an office building is the key. Let's hear Manuel Hermoso, Director of our Property Management department, explaining the strategic role of a property manager as the secret asset who knows how to bring a building to life.

#3 - The office building of the future

Current societal, environmental and sanitary concerns are pushing the real estate sector to reinvent itself. Whether for adapting to user's new expectations or for increasing the responsible side of a building through its design and construction process, all these reflections have led us to think about what the office building of the future could be. Let's see what our colleagues have to say about it, with the help of William Moulin and Manuel Hermoso
#4 - Coming soon

#4 - Coming soon

A new theme on the office market will soon be covered by our experts.
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