Global capital at your fingertips

The market for professional real estate investments is more than ever a complex, international playing field. To participate successfully, local knowledge, real estate expertise and an extensive network of relationships are absolute requirements. CBRE is therefore happy to help you, and knows buyers and sellers inside and outside the country's borders like no other.

This involves a personal relationship with the right decision-makers, and a good understanding of the financial objectives and investment strategy of all real estate investors active in the market. Due to the close personal relationships our consultants have with investors worldwide, we know better than anyone else where capital is available. And which aspects are decisive for bringing your real estate to the attention of international investors.

Structured process, maximum result, minimum execution risk

CBRE is pleased to assist you in your investment and divestment plans.

When selling your real estate, CBRE designs a tailor-made sales process that is developed by an experienced, dedicated team from day 1 with a focus on results. We understand that good timing and meticulous preparation determine the success of the sale. Our sales processes are therefore clearly structured, leaving nothing to chance. We let our (international) network work for you, prepare every phase of the marketing and sales process in detail and provide a complete commercial, technical and legal sales folder in the data room.

We exclude as many risks as possible in advance in order to make the sales process run smoothly, up to and including the official handover. When purchasing real estate, we advise you from start to finish with our expertise and knowledge of local market practices, an in-depth market analysis, up to and including the coordination of technical due diligence of the building.

A large, competent team specialized in all sectors

In a highly competitive market, a structured approach to buying and selling is an absolute must. CBRE Belgium therefore has a large team at its disposal, which can carry out many different sales processes simultaneously and in a short period of time. We distinguish ourselves by an in-depth knowledge of all real estate sectors, ranging from offices, retail, logistics, hotels, care and housing complexes. And this, in all cities and municipalities in Belgium.

Our services

Whether it's specific real estate knowledge or financial business advice on structuring and financing, our team has the insight and in-depth financial expertise to tackle the most demanding real estate challenges.

  • We help you identify, buy and sell profitable properties and portfolios by negotiating key sales terms and limiting transaction risk.
  • We help clients secure loans and provide equity for all types of commercial properties. We also provide support for mergers and acquisitions at entity level, capital increases, pre-investment advice and strategic corporate valuations.
  • We coordinate your tax, legal, technical and market-related due diligence needs.