Your workplace is a dynamic and flexible asset capable of driving - or impeding - people and business performance. We believe your workplace is an incubator for ideas and innovation; it’s an enabler of work; it’s an experience for your employees and customers, and is a symbol to the outside of what you believe and stand for.

With industry-leading expertise and seamlessly joining the dots between people, place and technology, we help our clients identify opportunities to reduce and/or reallocate their costs, more effectively manage their resources, improve employee engagement and make decisions faster.

Our View on Workplace

Whatever your size and requirements, our team is able to help you!

Alcogroup - 880 sqm - Brussels

Tom & Co - 890 sqm - Groot-Bijgaarden

Tupperware - 600 sqm - Brussels

WPP - 3,200 sqm - Brussels

CBR HeidelbergCement Group - 5,000 sqm - Braine-l'Alleud

Akzo Nobel - 2,500 sqm - Vilvoorde