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Our experts share their insights

Our CBRE Insights video series is back in 2022! And for the occasion, we have chosen a new approach. We asked our experts to share their own experience, because there is no better way to tell you what is truly happening on the Luxembourg Real Estate market than through real case studies.


  • Jérôme Coppée, Director capital markets, and Camille Dupuis, Investment Analyst, advised an investor in the acquisition of an office building in Belval. Let's hear them explain in detail the challenges and particularities of this file.

  • As we are working in a fast-growing real estate sector, one of the main challenges that drives us is to find solutions and tools allowing us to be as close as possible to our clients. And this is where our Propertyweb real estate portal comes into the equation. Find out more about this tool with Frank Rosenbaum, Managing Director.

  • Xavier Musin talks about the challenge that material sourcing continues to be for office fit-out projects and our Workspace department, a direct consequence of an entire ecosystem destabilized by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Manuel Hermoso and Florent Dias explain the added value of their role as Property Manager when it comes to ESG, especially when they have to supervise a BREEAM certification process for an office building.

  • Let's hear Harry Chkolar and Vincent Loeillet, who share with us one of their latest assignments consisting in advising a client on a real estate development project within the Capital Markets and Development department.


  • If we had to make a comparison between then and now, it is certainly the way of considering the workplace that has evolved the most. Discover how and why with William Moulin, Head of Advisory & Transaction services.

  • Today, more than ever, real estate is all about people, and providing a real added value directly impacting the users of an office building is the key. Let's hear Manuel Hermoso, Director of our Property Management department, explaining the strategic role of a property manager as the secret asset who knows how to bring a building to life.

  • Current societal, environmental and sanitary concerns are pushing the real estate sector to reinvent itself. Whether for adapting to user's new expectations or for increasing the responsible side of a building through its design and construction process, all these reflections have led us to think about what the office building of the future could be. Let's see what our colleagues have to say about it, with the help of William Moulin and Manuel Hermoso

  • Our Insights video series continues with the first of 3 new episodes featuring Patricia Delcourt, Head of Workspace, and Guillaume Capellini, Consultant for Occupiers. Their goal: develop 4 essential notions that define the work environment: EMOTION, SPACE, TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH. So let's discover together this first notion which is the emotional aspect of the work environment

  • Let's keep diving into the different aspects of the work environment with Patricia and Guillaume. This new episode highlights the important role that the workspace as such has in the employee experience, and especially how a successful workspace design will enhance not only the productivity of the employees and the company, but also the image that the company wants to convey.

  • Today is our last meeting with Patricia and Guillaume, who will soon be followed by other colleagues who will tackle many other themes about Luxembourg real estate. This new episode is talking about the last notion defining the work environment that is Technology, and how it plays an essential part in the daily life of a company and its employees. Because digital transformation contributes to the evolution of today's hybrid community and gives us the means to preserve the sense of belonging to the company, to allow employees to feel connected to their company.

  • And we are back with our Insights video series, with Kathia Robert - Director of our Residential Department, to talk about co-living, a topic we hear a lot about lately. What is the concept? How is it operated? Find out more about it in today's episode.

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