Design & Build

Cost Advisory

We manage the budgets of our clients' operations by developing the appropriate tools and methods for each of your projects. 


Deep Understanding of Construction Costs

We possess one of the world’s largest cost databases in commercial real estate, giving us a deep understanding of construction costs and the many factors that affect it. Our service offerings throughout the project lifecycle include:

  • Ensuring predictability and cost control at both the project and portfolio level.
  • Providing insights driven from our global cost database, covering international, national, and local benchmark costs for different project types.
  • Optimizing client spend to provide cost savings and avoidance.
  • Enhancing our clients decision-making capability through data analytics.
  • Mitigating risk through the implementation of prudent fiscal oversight.
  • Driving savings and promoting continual value management.


Capital Planning

We align your planned project pipeline with your broader strategic goals to prioritise expenditure on projects, and drive efficiencies through improved resource planning and capital forecasting. A properly implemented and well-maintained capital plan protects your assets from risk - and optimises the impact of what you spend each year.

Cost Consultancy

Reliable and transparent cost planning and cost control driven through risk mitigation, value engineering, cost saving measures, optimal buying and risk-based procurement strategies. Our hands-on construction market experts bring greater rigour, governance and cost control to decision-making for clients, with specific emphasis on reducing the total cost of ownership and capital expenditure at project and portfolio level.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Work with the reinstatement cost assessment experts. We make sure you get the right insurance cover for the best price. We help you avoid being under-insured because it exposes you to potential losses in the event of a claim, and make sure you don’t pay too much if your property has been over-insured. We are one of only a handful of businesses in the world with a team dedicated entirely to RCA’s. Our team is one of the largest.

Furniture Advisory

With a focus on how to buy, not what to buy, our Furniture Advisory professionals negotiate furniture discounts and provide transparency into the procurement process. We leverage our extensive database of historical discounts and local vendor relationships, delivering the best value for our clients.

Capital Allowances

Unlock the hidden value in your real estate portfolio and identify significant tax savings.  Our capital allowances team uncovers valuable opportunities to increase your cash flow through the tax benefits available from capital expenditure.  Based on a meticulous analysis of capital expenditure, construction drawings and on-site inspections, we prepare and submit claims, then negotiate them for you. 


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