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Make strategic choices through real estate investments to grow your assets, create added value, and speed up wealth accumulation.


Wealth Accumulation through Real Estate

Inflation-hedged rental incomes along with value appreciation and tax benefits make real estate one of the most interesting asset classes for building wealth.

Our global approach is aimed at starting from everyone's individual risk/return spectrum and then linking this to appropriate real estate investments. In doing so, we give you the opportunity to outsource the financial dashboard as well as the numerous practical aspects specific to real estate investment. A personalized Property and Care Plan enables investors, on the one hand, to remain in control of their patrimony but, on the other hand, to evaluate new real estate investments with peace of mind and an efficient use of time.

Continuous strategic monitoring of your real estate portfolio is an essential element to monitor the value of your family's real estate assets. We therefore propose an annual real estate audit, which is carried out by your CBRE Private Wealth team. In this way, private investors can also anticipate the information that institutional clients also use to adjust their real estate portfolios in function of global trends.

CBRE has a wide range of information and expertise relating to the national and international real estate markets to underpin your investment decision. Let our property coaches guide you and rely on our real estate data, location analyses and socio-economic insights to determine your real estate strategy.

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