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Thanks to its worldwide expertise in shopping center management, CBRE is able to offer you a wide range of comprehensive management services.



As the owner of a shopping centre, you are looking to maximise your investment by optimising its management. And if this cannot be done by you, you want to find the ideal partner to meet your most diverse needs, especially in terms of technical, marketing and administrative management.

Thanks to its worldwide expertise in shopping centre management, CBRE is able to offer you a wide range of comprehensive services, allowing you to take full advantage of the income generated by your assets without having to worry about managing them.

Your shopping centre will also benefit from our expertise in real estate research and technology, which allows you to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate figures and data on the performance of your assets and the composition of their clientele.

How do you benefit?

Our expert team advises and supports you in the following areas:

  1. Day-to-Day Management

    CBRE's designated Shopping Centre Managers make it a point of honour to offer visitors and retailers a pleasant environment, preventing any problems and managing them in the most optimal way possible.

  2. Technical Management

    The facilities in which customers and retailers operate must be flawless. A defaulting lift, common areas with dubious cleanliness or unclear display are so many things that can harm a good impression with customers. CBRE makes it a point of honour that your assets are free of any criticism at this level.

  3. Administrative management & financial monitoring

    When managing an asset as important as a shopping centre, it is not surprising to be confronted with a large amount of administrative paperwork, whether it is invoices, contracts, leases or even orders. CBRE takes this thorn out of your side by managing documentation and deadlines and by providing optimal financial monitoring, particularly in terms of budget control, payment monitoring and legal files.

  4. Marketing

    Because a shopping centre is above all a place of interaction, our Marketing Managers organise various events there, while increasing their visibility through social media, websites, and other means of communication, both digital and print.

  5. Leasing

    Our shopping centre leasing team defines with you the objectives in terms of the commercial mix, deals and negotiates with the various brands in order to attract the best ones, able to meet your customers' expectations.

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